In-Person Mapping Bootcamp
September 13 - 15th, 2019 in Denver, CO
Optional Flight Mastery Course September 12th
Drone Mapping Bootcamp: 
Comprehensive drone mapping and modeling with Pix4D
This comprehensive photogrammetry bootcamp covers drone mapping and modeling in a 3-Day Class.  
You'll learn how to create and manipulate point clouds with 2 Days of Photogrammetry processing training using Pix4D (1st and 3rd days of the class) .

These processing techniques are imperative to successful modeling and mapping. However, without a deep understanding of data/photo acquisition, you'll struggle to create life-like models or accurate orthomosaics. The best models require the best data. This being the case, we spend a full day (day 2) in the field teaching you the acquisition strategies we use on the mapping jobs we perform.
Drone Mapping Bootcamp Content 
Day 1: Photogrammetry 101: History, Point Cloud Construction

1. The History of Photogrammetry
2. Typical Deliverables for Photogrammetry: Why use photogrammetry
3. Photogrammetry vs. Lidar 
4. Georeferencing
5. Practical exercises to demonstrate initial workflow. 
6. Ground Control Point Distribution, Creation and Implementation 
7. Orthomosaic Construction & Editing 
8. Acquisition Strategies, What are the optimium conditions for drone mapping? Weather, sensor type and altitude. 
9. Multi-Rotors Vs. Fixed Wing Acquisition Methods 

End of day mixer and Q & A with instructors 

Day 2: Image Acquisition via Practical Flight Missions
 - Students are in the field flying and learning acquisition strategies and techniques

De-Brief: Rules of Take Off, Landing and M.O.C.A. Searching

Mission 1: Learn how to use multiple acquisition apps and setups to access the utilization of terrain awareness. Use Pix4D Capture and Map Pilot to acquire images with a basic method to ensure facade data capture. 

Mission 2: Learn how to use Orbital Data Capture Method Secrets to fill in blank spots of models and create the most life like models for historical preservation, interactive marketing, video game environment modeling, or VFX modeling. 

Mission 3: Learn how to use manual flight capture methods to create models the competition won't be able to replicate. 

Students will learn how to "pull" ground control points with RTK GPS and PPK GPS thanks to our Sponsor Propeller Aero. 

Day 3: Advanced Processing, GCP Challenge, & Deliverables
 - Students are back in the classroom diving into the following:

1. Learn how to accurately merge models and learn when it is necessary to do so. Utilize data obtained during Day 2 flight missions. 
2. Learn Point Cloud Editing using 4 unique methods taught only by Drone U. These are the techniques that will allow you to wow your clients with stunningly appealing models. 
3. Learn how to scale maps when GCP's are available. 
4. Learn the intricacies of Ground Control Point (GCP) GPS: RTK vs. PPK vs PPP. Whats the difference? 
5. Learn how to create poly lines and obtain linear measurements. 
6. Learn how to obtain volumetric measurements in Pix4D and other deliverable solutions. 
7. Learn how to export .shp files and geoTIFF standard for TIFF files.
8. Learn how to export .dxf files. 
Whether you want to learn mapping for construction, cell phone tower inspections, measurements or simply for planning out your shot selections for cinematic productions....this class will teach you what you need to know to create lifelike 3-D models and precision maps.
Master Flight Operations
Gain Confidence
Earn Educational Discounts on your UAV insurance
Spend the day with Drone U instructors sequential flight exercises to test and train on unique nuances of flight operations. Each operational exercises develops a unique piece of knowledge for drone pilots. Overcome obstacles and gain confidence by pushing yourself through the Drone U obstacle course.
Pilots will be tested on the obstacle course for the potential to earn an educational discount on their UAV insurance policy. 

Reasons to Attend:

1.   Overcome your fear and nervousness so you can unlock your true potential
2.   Learn the rules of take off and landings to avoid problems in the field
3.   Learn tips and tricks from experienced pilots that will help you avoid and deal with emergencies in the field
4.   Master natural flight movements for better videography
5.   Learn the settings for smooth flight controls and camera controls
6.   Experience emergency flight maneuvers to overcome inevitable emotional hurdles
7.   Master Attitude mode for smooth video and avoiding fly-aways 
8.   Master orientation loss and solutions
9.   Enjoy the Opportunity to challenge yourself in a safe environment
10. Earn educational discounts on your Drone Insurance: A Training that literally pays for itself in time!  

Enjoy 90 Days of Access to a Drone U Pro Membership
Never mapped before or need a refresher prior to attending this class? That's OK! After you register, we'll give you 60 days of access to our Pro membership, which includes our online mapping classes so you can watch them prior to attending this in-person training (HIGHLY recommended that you watch the classes prior to attending).   Your access is actually good for 90 days beyond the last day of the class.
Recommended Equipment for the Class
Each student will need to have their own UAV. We recommend:
  • Phantom 4 Pro / Advanced
  • Inspire 2 with X4s or X7
  • Ask us about your drone or let us know if you need assistance procuring a drone for the class
Each student will need to bring a PC Based computer (laptop or desktop):
  • The processing software we'll use has recommended specs. You can find them HERE.
The deadline for registering is Sept 12th
Don't wait! If you've been wanting to go deeper with mapping and learn what you need to know to offer mapping services, this is your class. Gain a competitive advantage over your competition by attending this class!

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