Order the Newly Designed Drone U  Landing 
Pad - Created Especially for Mappers
but Great for All Pilots
The first landing pad to mix the benefits of a ground control point and scale constraints with the functionality of a sturdy landing pad design.

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Why Are These Landing Pads Different and Valuable to Drone Pilots?
  • ​They're made of heavy rubberized material designed to protect the camera and drone from debris. This material also helps keep the pad from "kicking up" while landing.
  • ​The pads are now square and include straps on each corner for staking so they can be kept stationary for the duration of your project.
  • ​They include a built in ground control marker for drone mapping.
  • ​Using GCP’s for accurate data collection
  • ​They include built in scale constraints for drone mapping.
  • ​They have highly contrasting, patent pending color design that improves visibility from the sky. The highly discernable center point makes marking images in photogrammetry software much easier and increases the efficiency of the mapping workflow.
  • ​Pads are numbered making GCP organization easier making them more effective for eliminating organizational error in mapping workflows.
Newly Designed Drone U Landing
Pad - Created Especially for Mappers
Single landing pads can be ordered. If ordering a single landing pad, please note they will not be numbered.
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