Mapping Course Series
Are You Ready To Take Your Drone Mapping Skills To The Next Level?
Do Your 2019 Goals Include Learning To Map With Your Drone?
Mapping Course Series
Are You Ready To Take Your Drone Mapping Skills To The Next Level?
Do Your 2019 Goals Include Learning To Map With Your Drone?
We begin on Thursday morning at 9:00 AM for those students who've registered for the optional Flight Mastery class. We'll go through around 4:30 PM with a break for lunch.
Class starts Friday at 12:00 PM with an introduction to mapping followed by a mixer with other students and instructors. 
Saturday, students are in the field flying and covering equipment management as well as acquisition strategies.
Sunday, students are in the classroom learning to process the data acquired on Saturday, as well as discuss best practices from a business standpoint.
Several locations to choose from - check them out below
Thursday (OPTIONAL):
Today is a full day of flight training for students who have registered for the optional Flight Mastery class. We'll spend the day covering the idiosyncrasies of flying UAV's that students need to know so they can fly with confidence and efficiency.

We begin with safety protocols all pilots should follow and move to an understanding of your drone, how to get the most out of them and finally, we finish with actual exercises designed to help the pilot master complex flight. 

We'll spend time flying the Drone U obstacle course and we'll leave the student with the things they need to practice on their own.
The focus is on processing. We'll provide workflows and practice working through them, with the goal of learning to take images captured from a UAV based camera or terrestrial camera to create 3D models and 2D maps

The day will be split between lecture and hands-on exercises. We will set the stage in the lecture by developing an understanding of what the software is producing in the background so we can help demystify the science of photogrammetry.

Students will then apply processing concepts learned in the lecture by processing examples on their computer.
Concepts learned on Friday will include:
  • General mapping terms
  • The importance of ground sampling distance  Importing ground control points (GCP's) for geo-referenced maps
  • ​How to eliminate geo position error through ellipsoid error and reprojection error
  • ​Importance of scale constraints and orientation constraints in addition to applying them to 2D maps and models in the software.
Today is for flight missions:

Using real-world flight acquisition strategies, students will be presented with structures to map near obstacles outside of just flying drones and mapping.

Students will learn flight acquisition applications and how to use double grid mode, single grid mode, orbital flight and free flight modes.

Each flight mission is designed to test the students ability to execute the various acquisition techniques. Students will learn the nuances between each acquisition technique and be given multiple resources to be used when flying actual paying missions for clients.
The focus is on processing the data sets acquired on Saturday. We'll maximize the time working in the software with less lecture time than Friday.

Using the data sets captured and the concepts learned on Day 1, we will process, edit and export these data products. In addition, we will use these data sets to expand on topics such as merging projects, understanding the Pix4D quality report and navigating the Pix4D processing options and deliverables.
Sunday will include:
  • Processing imagery to create a point cloud
  • Understanding accuracy and reports of point clouds
  • ​The art of cleaning up point clouds
  • ​Delivering graphical representations of point clouds to clients
Important Note about "Training & Location Options"
The descriptions noted above apply to our traditional 3 day mapping classes.
Included below are two special classes, the Accident Scene Reconstruction Training and our Business Mastery Class - each will have a schedule unique to their specific programs.  You can learn more about each by clicking the "Learn More & Register" button for each such class.
Denver, CO
The deadline for registering is September 10, 2019
  • September 12 - 15, 2019
  • ​​Location TBD
Optional day of Flight Mastery training on September 12th
Accident Scene Reconstruction Training
Ashburn, VA
The deadline for registering is September 20, 2019
In this class, students will not only learn the intricacies of photogrammetry processing, but will have the opportunity to fly simulated accident scenes and crash sites at the NTSB Training Academy. It's a fun but challenging setting in which you'll learn to map complex subjects and in complex environments.
While this class is great for law enforcement and first responders who must do everything possible to create an accurate record of an accident scene, it's also great for any mapper who wants to go extremely deep in the understanding of photogrammetry and accuracy.
Optional day of Flight Mastery training on September 23rd
Tampa, FL
The deadline for registering is October 15, 2019
  • October 17 - 20, 2019
  • ​​​Class location: TBD
Optional day of Flight Mastery training on October 17th
Albuquerque, NM
The deadline for registering is November 16, 2019
Join us for this unique opportunity to combine 2 days of in depth work on building your drone based business with our popular mapping class. We'll cover subjects ranging from choosing the best entity for your situation to unique and safe ways to fund your operation. 

We'll dig into the equipment you REALLY need for your business and creative and untapped methods of marketing your services. We're really looking forward to this opportunity to help you build your business. It's what drives us every day!
Optional day of Flight Mastery training on TBD
Austin, TX
The deadline for registering is November 5, 2019
  • November 7 - 10, 2019
  • ​​​Class location: TBD
Optional day of Flight Mastery training on November 7th
San Diego
The deadline for registering is November 27, 2019
  • December 12 - 15, 2019
  • ​​​Class location: TBD
Optional day of Flight Mastery training on December 12th
Get the Drone U GCP Landing Pad
Purchase as a set or individually
Each class will include the following content & more!
  • Time in the field with multiple flight exercises to map
  • Multiple acquisition strategies for the most lifelike models and most accurate results
  • ​Processing strategies for the best results
  • ​Using GCP’s for accurate data collection
  • ​Cleaning up and classifying point clouds for delivery optimization
  • ​Client Delivery options and best practices.
  • ​​Examples of pricing and practicing With RFP’s
  • ​Group round table on client acquisition strategies and best practices
You will need to have your own Drone for this class.
Drones we Recommend are as follows:
Phantom 4
Phantom 4 Pro
Inspire 2
Let us know if you have a different UAV you'd like to use. Or if you need help obtaining one for the class.
Don't wait!
If you've been wanting to go deeper with mapping and
learn what you need to know to offer mapping services, this is your class.
Mapping IS going to be a significant factor in the drone industry for years to come.
Stay ahead of your competition by attending this class and improving your mapping skills!