2019 In-Person Mapping Course Series
August 1 - August 4, 2019
New York City Area
with Optional Full Day Flight Mastery Class on August 1st
Do Your 2019 Goals Include Learning To Map With Your Drone?
Join us for Our 3-Day Intensive UAV Mapping Class and Master the Skills You Need to Expand Your Mapping Services 
Join us for this intensive weekend of mapping instruction and you'll be well on your way....
This is NOT like other drone schools who teach you mapping basics. Or teach from a theoretical basis rather than one based on actual compensated mapping experience. We're going in depth, talking about mapping complex objects, structures, and large areas and how to best process all that data once you've collected it. We teach you how to create a deliverable you can sell!

Whether you want to use mapping for construction, cell phone tower inspections, volumetric work or simply planning out your shot selections for huge Hollywood productions... this class will teach you what you need to know to create lifelike models.
The class will include the following and more
  • ​Time in the field with multiple flight exercises to map
  • ​Multiple acquisition strategies for the most lifelike models
  • ​Processing strategies for the best results
  • ​Using GCP’s for accurate data collection
  • ​Cleaning up and classifying point clouds for delivery optimization
  • ​Client Delivery options and best practices
  • ​Examples of pricing and practicing With RFP’s
  • ​Group roundtable on client acquisition strategies and best practices
Class Locations: 
We're excited about this unique and interesting subject to map.
Data Acquisition site: Letchworth Village

  - A unique and fun environment to learn mapping strategies and skills
  - A great opportunity to learn how to collect data in a challenging                     environment.
  - Learn the relationships between manual tie points (mtp's) and polylines       and the importance of understanding this relationship

Classroom site (Friday & Sunday):

    Want Expert Flight Training Prior to the Mapping Class?

    Join us on Thursday, August 1st for our All Day Flight Mastery Class
    If you're looking to enhance your flight skills, we are hosting an additional day of training, our Flight Mastery Course, on Thursday, August 1st. The flight mastery course is a training based on our obstacle course built from 12 exercises to build confidence in students ability to fly and make educated decisions in flight.
    This course will focus on individual flight movements that aid in the development of a firm foundation of flight knowledge and experience. Participants will work with experienced pilots who will guide them through the process of improving their flight skills and understanding of UAV operations.

    Flight Mastery Location: Letchworth Village
    Study Our Mapping Classes Before Attending
    Study Our Mapping Classes Before Attending:
    Never mapped before or need a refresher prior to attending this class? That's OK! After you register, we'll give you access to our Pro membership which includes our online mapping classes. You'll be able to watch them prior to attending this in-person training.

    You'll receive 60 days of Pro Membership you can access immediately or you can start on the last day of the event so you can continue to learn and refine your mapping skills after the event is over. This includes access to the Drone U community of pilots - a group of amazing people/pilots of all skill levels who are there to answer your questions as you continue to learn.
    The general class schedule is as follows:

    • ​Class starts Friday at 1:00 PM with an introduction to mapping followed by an instructor led free fly (weather permitting). The purpose of this is to introduce students to the concepts being covered during the weekend and to gauge each pilot’s flight skills as well as ensure equipment is ready to go for Saturday.
    • ​Saturday, students are in the field flying and covering equipment management as well as acquisition strategies.
    • ​Sunday, students are in the classroom learning to process the data acquired on Saturday.
    The deadline for registering is July 30, 2019 
    Students will need to have their own UAV for this class.
    Recommend Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4 RTK or Inspire 2
    You will also need a Windows machine with the minimum specs found HERE

    Don't wait! These classes have been filling up quickly.  If you've been wanting to go deeper with mapping and learn what you need to know to offer mapping services, this is your class. 
    Mapping IS going to be a significant factor in the drone industry for years to come. 
    Stay ahead of your competition by attending this class and improving your mapping skills!
    Have questions? Email us support@thedroneu.com